Welcome to 2600 The Farm

2600 The Farm is located in New Richmond and Georgetown, Ohio. It's where Jason, Bill, and Debra go to work raising hay and good Angus cattle. We're committed to building a program that will be recognized around the country. We do business with a large range of customers, whether it's seedstock, show, production, performance - you name it. These are animals that you will want to keep to improve your herd.

We focus on docility as an important part of calving. 99 percent of our calves are calved inside the barn. Within 36 hours of calving, the calf has a halter on and we're starting to work with them. We aim to raise only docile animals that are easy to handle, whether they're a cow or a bull. We're able to do this because we make the time to do so. Calving ease is also important. All the animals in the herd are defect free, and all the bulls that will be sold will be fertility tested.

We have performance and show type animals that you can show them today and possibly win it all. Then, when show season's over and you've put your purple on display, you can take your animals back to the pasture as highly productive females or breeding bulls. Our animals will add structure and serious profit potential to your herd.

We're constantly working on improving our genetics and positive matings. Our goal is quality and customer satisfaction.